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IoT Geyser Protector

Simple, convenient, affordable IoT Hardware and Sensors to improve insurance risk mitigation and better engage with customers.

Reduce household electricity usage by 31%, prevent overheating of elements by 97% and reduce water-damage insurance claims by 84%.

Constant managing the temperature of the geyser prevents the growth of Bacteria and the chance of contracting Legionnaires Disease.

Our AI Machine Learning algorithms analyse data from sensors to prevent faults before they happen, this reduces the risk for insurance providers - ultimately saving time, costs and frustration for clients.

The IoT360 Mobile App connects residential or business owners to the sensors in their homes or offices, enabling early-warning, fault notifications, logs, reports, analytics and more control over appliances.

Our IoT360 Platform with cloud-based hub, hosts the all-encompassing IoT360 Portal that connects all sensors to an early fault or fraud detection system, as well as a remote managed notification centre.

This allows for automated fault logging, coordination of assessment/technical repair teams, notifying clients of affected appliances while identifying potential fault claims before they occur.

IoT360 Solutions makes sure our technology is available as a white-labelled solution. Insurance companies can use our software development kit (SDK) in their existing apps, or can custom develop new apps to fit their requirements.

IoT360 is an experienced team of hardware, software, mobile developers and data scientists. We develop IoT systems for specific industrial, household and other industries. We also build systems for service providers and their clients.