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CCTV Offsite Monitoring

Perimeter Protect is our 24-hour, highly effective CCTV Offsite Monitoring Solution that is at the “heart” of our product offering. Digital applications hosted in our data center make sure that video of any security breaches is immediately delivered to your smartphone, whilst we respond to intruders with both verbal (Voice over IP / Loudspeaker) and physical actions. We are not only able to integrate into your existing CCTV camera system but are also able to deploy standalone and plugin systems with all the added functionality we offer – ensuring you are protected at all times. Sign up and have peace of mind at all times.

Perimeter Protect is Virtual Offsite Guarding with a difference:

  • Virtual Offsite Guarding eliminates the need of hiring expensive guard companies.
  • Virtual Offsite Guarding is not vulnerable to job fatigue or coffee breaks. There will be no cases of “sleeping on the job”. The system is always on guard and watching at the times you need us.
  • Video feeds are transmitted in real-time and the personnel at the Control Center can see exactly what is happening on the premises through video verification and smart alerts.
  • Virtual Offsite Guarding uses high-quality technology like that used by 1000's cameras of our current customers for surveillance and monitoring purposes.
  • The system is cost-effective. The Virtual Offsite Guarding Security System costs significantly less than hiring guards from security guard companies.
  • Unlike passive security systems, the Virtual Offsite Guarding System will prevent crime before it happens. Its event-driven approach means that video feeds are transmitted in real-time and intruders are scared away before they have the chance to commit a crime.
  • This intelligent guarding solution can be used in Auto Dealerships, Museums, Scrap Yards, Construction sites, Government Facilities, Warehouse protection, Estate protection, Commercial Buildings, and Industrial or Manufacturing sites.

Our pricing starts at R 5999 excl Vat per month for a 6 Perimeter Protect Virtual Guard System. That is a massive R10 000 per month cheaper than having one guard onsite!