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CCTV Cloudcam

Gill Technology offers an intelligent CCTV surveillance and alerting product that is now more affordable.

A powerful, real-time analytics system based on deep learning which connects to existing CCTV camera streams. It keeps an eye out for you 24/7 and alerts you or your security provider when action is needed.

Most importantly it keeps watching while you work, sleep, or spend time with family or friends. It is easy to install and user friendly.

We have attached a diagram on our startup service and we do offer larger configurations as well that can be linked to existing CCTV systems (analog and IP) to make it more affordable for the end-user.

It is also a brilliant surveillance product for your masts giving you realtime alerts to multiple mobile devices when there is any unwanted movement.

You can add multiple users to a camera and the camera will only detect specified objects. This will eliminate false alarms and keep you informed and safe.

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